Message from the CEO, Jim Golden-Brown

NATSIC continues to kick goals for our mob.
We were successful on winning another NDIS ILC grant valued at $4.9m over 3 years, taking our ILC NDIS income to approximately $6.3m with further ILC NDIS grants applications recently submitted.
The grant is to develop culturally appropriate NDIS comms for 2 isolated and remote communities in the NT.

It is widely known that the uptake of the NDIS by our mob is significantly low and one of the root cause is communications regarding the NDIS.

This project will be achieved by a major IT infrastructure upgrade to our Web and IT systems making it fully Disable Accessible Compliant, a range of NDIS comms in multiple formats, such as video, animation, print and vocal which will be hosted on our new website and accessed via stand-alone Kiosks (just like at Centrelink offices) in communities.

Community members will be able to access culturally appropriate, up to date NDIS information in Language and English.

The project will be overseen by the new Program Manager, Community Health and Wellbeing. We will be recruiting local community project officers to be based in Darwin, along with an external IT project team, translators, animators, video producers and writers. All supported by our talented NATSIC staff.

As with the APY Lands NDIS project recently won, this project is a pilot and easily transferable and able to be rolled out in other locations, therefore extending the support NATSIC provides to our communities in the disability sector.

NATSIC is leading the way and setting new benchmarks in the ILC NDIS Program area.
Our success is due to our innovative approach and our out of the box thinking on project designs.

Our APY Lands project will commence late November 2019 and the NT project, this new one, will commence sometime toward the end of January or early February 2020.

NATSIC Logo Design & Meaning

Middle Circle is the National Body - NATSIC
Blue is the Water that Surrounds Us
Orange is the Land We’re On
Tracks Connect All States, People and Communities Brown represents People and Communities in Unity

Artist: Karen Phillips - Wiradjuri Country

NATSIC recognises First Nations Peoples as the Traditional Custodians of the lands and waters of Australia, and pays respect to Elders past and present.