Donations Program

NATSIC self-funds and is committed to supporting access to the necessities of life for First Nations communities nationally. NATSIC works in partnership with First Nations and non-Indigenous communities to identify needs. We then connect with donor programs and our partners to close the gap between First Nations communities and mainstream Australia. These connections support the targets as set out in the Closing the Gap priorities to improve the social, emotional and physical health of our communities. To date, with the support of our partners, NATSIC has generated and delivered over $1 million in essential items to communities throughout Australia. This program is growing weekly with more and more requests being received.


NATSIC has facilitated the provision of handmade blankets, skirts and beanies to the APY Lands in Central Australia and to communities on the North Coast of NSW. We have also donated personal health and hygiene products to First Nations communities throughout Australia, as well as kids toys and school essentials. Donations like these lead to an increase in self-worth, self-esteem and better health outcomes for First Nations people – all strategic aims of NATSIC’s Community Health and Wellbeing Program.

NATSIC Logo Design & Meaning

Middle Circle is the National Body - NATSIC
Blue is the Water that Surrounds Us
Orange is the Land We’re On
Tracks Connect All States, People and Communities Brown represents People and Communities in Unity

Artist: Karen Phillips - Wiradjuri Country

NATSIC recognises First Nations Peoples as the Traditional Custodians of the lands and waters of Australia, and pays respect to Elders past and present.